Why do I need to read this guide?

Green space can be a key asset for many communities and a specific kind of land designation called a ‘local green space’ can protect these assets from development.
This toolkit highlights what we mean by ‘local green space’, how a neighbourhood plan can address green space and green infrastructure and the evidence base required for local green space designation and policies on green space.

What will I learn from this guide?

  • What is a ‘local green space’ and how is one designated?
  • How local green spaces work as part of a neighbourhood plan
  • The importance of green space and green infrastructure

When should I read this guide?

You should read this guide when you have identified environmental and green spaces as an issue and want to develop policies to protect these.

Further reading

You can find out more about getting started with your neighbourhood plan by reading the Neighbourhood Planning Roadmap.

Making local green space designations in your neighbourhood plan (549.8KB pdf)