The Ministry for Housing, Communities, and Local Government (MHCLG formerly DCLG) are providing over £29 million of support to groups developing neighbourhood plans and neighbourhood development orders between 2018-2022.

What support can I apply for?

There are two main types of support that groups can apply for:

1. Grant funding
2. Technical support

Locality is managing the support and application process on behalf of MHCLG.

You can find guidance on the regulations and legislation of the neighbourhood planning system on

What am I eligible for?

Eligibility criteria is different than for previous programmes and it is essential that you check what support you are eligible to apply for.

Grant funding eligibility criteria

Additional grant funding eligibility

Affordable housing for sale grant funding eligibility

Bespoke Neighbourhood development order facilitation and follow up grant support eligibility

Technical Support eligibility criteria

**Important information for grants for this financial year (2019/2020)**

The grant element of the Neighbourhood Planning programme is now closed for the 2019/2020 financial year.

Information about applying for the 2020/2021 grant programme will be coming soon. Please monitor our website for updates.

Applications for technical support will be considered on a rolling basis and are not affected by these timeframes.

Find out more about Neighbourhood Planning


Find out more about Neighbourhood Planning