Wing Parish: A tale of two developers

Next in our series celebrating ten years of neighbourhood planning, we’re visiting Wing Parish in Bedfordshire.

The beautiful Toll Bar Cottage

Toll Bar Cottage: A space for the community

Our celebration of 10 years of neighbourhood planning arrives in Lancashire, where we’re visiting the beautiful Toll Bar Cottage.

Photo of the Elms development in Uppingham

New homes, green space and a sense of pride – this is what neighbourhood planning can achieve

Ten years since the first neighbourhood plans were made, we’re celebrating what neighbourhood planning can achieve with our series of case studies, starting with the Uppingham Neighbourhood Plan. 

Two people sit outside with bunting, smiling together. (c) Alex Brennan

Celebrating 10 years of neighbourhood planning

Throughout this month and beyond, we’re celebrating 10 years since the first neighbourhood plans were made. From transforming an 18th-century cottage into a thriving community hub, to creating green spaces for people to…

A field of sheep and the sun is setting in the middle of the photo.

Video: Affordable Housing in Neighbourhood Plans

Find out how the Melbury Abbas and Cann neighbourhood planning group is bringing forward affordable housing in their plan.

Image shows Morpeth's High Street on a sunny day with bunting flying overhead across the road.

Development that reflects community needs in the absence of a local plan in Morpeth

Due to its residential appeal and popularity, Morpeth had been under considerable development pressure, leading to inappropriate development. However, despite the development need, the popular market town community remained determined that the need for growth would not jeopardize the feel and character of the area.

The Town Council receiving the Editor’s Award and the Neighbourhood Planning Award at the Planning Awards 2016

Using growth to bring forward much needed community infrastructure in Newport Pagnell

The community was concerned about school placements, the inability to book GP appointments and the quality of existing health facilities. While the core strategy proposed 400 new homes, this level of growth would not be great enough to deliver new infrastructure.

Working with a Housing Association to develop affordable housing in Bembridge, Isle of Wight

Since the development of the Bembridge Neighbourhood Plan, by working with developers the local community have managed to secure and approve 21 affordable homes. Of the 21 dwellings, 13 are on Sycamore Drive – a small-scale development of affordable housing, which is made up of four discounted market sales and nine social rentals.

Photo shows the grand Guy's Cliffe building on a sunny day

Technical support for design code work in Leek Wootton and Guy’s Cliffe, Warwickshire

Leek Wootton and Guy’s Cliffe Parish Council's neighbourhood plan was kicked off in early 2014 with consultation events. At these events the community expressed a desire to protect the local environment and to ensure new housing was in keeping with the parish character. The group received technical support to allow their neighbourhood plan to achieve this.

An aerial photo of Will Hall Farm

Ensuring parking within development in Will Hall Farm

The neighbourhood around Will Hall Farm, a 170-dwelling site, unanimously voted to approve the development. Working together, 100% compliance to visitor parking provision was approved.

A bird's eye view of Braughing Parish

Site assessment support in Braughing, Hertfordshire

Braughing Parish Council started preparing their neighbourhood plan with a view to improving the parish, providing new facilities and allocating key sites for development. Braughing is expected to allocate its own sites for housing to meet a population growth of 10%.

Image is overlooking the sea and beach on a sunny day in Cornwall

Paving the way for affordable housing in Roseland, Cornwall

The Roseland neighbourhood plan has taken the issue of a high amount of second home ownership and lack of affordable housing for local people head on.