Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)


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    Francis Shaw
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    Hi, I am reaching out to people who have experience and understanding of the CIL regulations. We have a made Neighbourhood Plan in place and are receiving the enhanced CIL payments but unusually, our Neighbourhood Plan spans seven Parish Councils working in collaboration. This is raising a number of issues in relation to the powers and duties of both the collecting authority and also the parishes. Is there anyone with a legal background involved in a Neighbourhood Plan?

    Jon Mitchell, West Harptree

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    The most obvious way to avoid paying CIL is not to commence development or to delay commencement. However, you may need to commence development sooner than you might otherwise like to, for example to prevent a planning permission from expiring.

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    We created a NP a few years ago due to a development of 2000 houses in our Parish. The houses are in the process of being built at the moment but the neighbouring town is creating a new Town Council (it’s currently unparished) and is recommending incorporating the entire development currently located in our Parish into the new Town Council. We assume this would mean that we won’t receive our anticipated CIL payments. Has anyone else had this happen to them?

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