Implementing your plan and monitoring and evaluating your success


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    Post Referendum

    Hi everybody

    I’d like to get a discussion going on what happens post neighbourhood planning referendum and how groups have perceived delivery of their neighbourhood plan once it is in force.

    Specifically I wonder if anyone could share their experiences of the following:

    What governance model have you kept in place to monitor planning applications and development in your neighbourhood area and how has your group worked together in relation to CIL?

    More specifically on CIL – what are you spending CIL on? I know of some groups who have spent CIL money on early stage work like assets mapping and design work, whereas other groups are unsure on the scope and flexibility of CIL funding so may therefore find planning difficult. However mundane it may seem some basic examples of how CIL is being used in your neighbourhood area could be really useful to other groups.

    If you are able to respond to these two queries or on other post-referendum working, I’d be very grateful.

    John Wilkinson, Neighbourhood Planning Officer

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    we are in a similar position and are unsure what to do next there seems to be lots of guides on producing plan but nothing on working with them
    your two queries
    1) we are a parish council so we have a set agenda item on planning application & an item on our PAP Parish Action Plan. Our steering group has become our review group and meets every 6 months.
    2) we have set up CIL grants for local organisations. we had an away day to plan our Cil projected spend over the next 5 years based on our PAP

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