Remaking ‘made plans’

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    We know that Arundel Town Council is remaking their plan, is anyone else?
    Are there any problems that you are facing?

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    Hi Julia/all – Great Glen in Leicestershire is about to start a review of its neighbourhood plan. Although it was only Made in 2017, the local planning authority housing targets have changed significantly since the plan was submitted and the Parish Council wish to review its housing allocations in light of increasing developer interest and to take the opportunity to refine some of the environmental policies.

    I am interested in hearing from others who have commenced a review of their neighbourhood plan to get an understanding of how long the process takes, how many policies were reviewed, whether establishing an Advisory Committee of the Parish Council with different members from the first time round could result in a desire to change policies that might still remain relevant and what other issues were presented that affected the process towards a successful review.

    Undertaking NP reviews is so new that any advice/examples of issues that were encountered would be helpful. I will post here any issues as they arise from Great Glen …

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    Was there anything to report regarding the remake of Great Glen?
    Newick Parish Council are preparing to review their Plan, I have a meeting with the council tomorrow night, and wondered if there is any advice I could share with them?

    Many thanks,

    Julia (Lewes and Eastbourne Council)

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    All going well …. the review is at Regulatuion 14 stage and should be progressing to subission to Harborough District Council later this month.

    We have only reviewed those policies that were out of date or benefitted from a rethink.

    It seems a much smoother and quicker process second time around …



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    Hi all,

    We have one Neighbourhood Plan that is reviewing some of its policies, mainly around clarification. A ‘reg 14’ consultation has taken place and we as the LPA are undertaking the ‘reg 16’ consultation. Following this we will be expected to appoint an examiner and provide him/her with a statement regarding whether we think the changes are significant or not.



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    Hi again,

    Thanks for the updates. I may post a few more specific questions after this evening’s meeting. Glad to hear the reviews are going well.


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    Hi all, we are the Historic Towns and Villages Forum and we are running a NP seminar on Tues 26th February 2019 in Oxford looking at how to review your made plan – amongst other things. More information is available at: with tickets from
    If you miss this one and would welcome some practical advice and an opportunity to see how others would respond, please let us know as we can address it in forthcoming events or a response from one of our experts.

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