Use of Design Codes in a Neighbourhood Plan

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    Hi Everybody

    Louise Thomas from the Historic Towns and Villages Forum would like to start a conversation about Design Codes. Louise’s question is below:

    Has your NDP group drawn up a design code for a site or the NP area? We are interested in finding examples of how design codes are being used to define the character and quality expected of new development, and how groups are putting them together.

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    We have been asked this question by a Forum in Bournemouth and wrote a report for them. If you would like a copy of the report, email me dircetly- Basically they must be prepared with robust planning policies and a good character assessment.

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      Can you please drop the link to the forum it has been dropped. There may be useful information there.

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    The Term ‘Design Code’ is rather misleading as this is a very specific set of designs for a specific site, so could not be applied to a whole community. We have renamed the Design Code we are working on in a market town in Somerset to Design Guide so it can be applied across the town on the 10 sites that we are allocating in the NP.

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