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  • JohnWLocality

    The Historic Towns and Villages Forum is hosting an event in Oxford at Kellogg College on Thursday February 27th.

    Details on tickets and the agenda can be found in the link below

    This seminar-workshop on design quality is for communities and professionals alike, and will explore the role of design in Neighbourhood Planning and other policy-making contexts. As so many Neighbourhood Planning groups go through a learning curve consulting their neighbours, analysing and allocating sites, and finally writing policies, design quality is often understated.
    Yet the quality and layout of new development makes a great difference to the future character of settlements. In the past some communities have prepared Village Design Statements to capture the local character and start to set out design parameters, and so this seminar-workshop will look at how to bridge the gap between identifying local character and specifying design quality in various ways.

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    Hello everyone

    We’ve had a question from Mike Grace in Much Wenlock, Shropshire. The Much Wenlock plan was adopted back in 2014, so is one of the older plans out there. Mike’s question relates to Local Plan reviews and their relationship to in-force neighbourhood plans. See below:

    Have you or are you facing a local plan review in your area? We’d like to hear about your experiences of the way your neighbourhood plan is being approached by your local authority when it put forward its review of the local plan. Did your neighbourhood plan help inform the review or was it overlooked? Did the Inspector at the Local Plan hearing have anything to say about the relationship between the local plan and neighbourhood plans? Please share your experiences and views with us.

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    Hi Everybody

    Louise Thomas from the Historic Towns and Villages Forum would like to start a conversation about Design Codes. Louise’s question is below:

    Has your NDP group drawn up a design code for a site or the NP area? We are interested in finding examples of how design codes are being used to define the character and quality expected of new development, and how groups are putting them together.

  • JohnWLocality

    Post Referendum

    Hi everybody

    I’d like to get a discussion going on what happens post neighbourhood planning referendum and how groups have perceived delivery of their neighbourhood plan once it is in force.

    Specifically I wonder if anyone could share their experiences of the following:

    What governance model have you kept in place to monitor planning applications and development in your neighbourhood area and how has your group worked together in relation to CIL?

    More specifically on CIL – what are you spending CIL on? I know of some groups who have spent CIL money on early stage work like assets mapping and design work, whereas other groups are unsure on the scope and flexibility of CIL funding so may therefore find planning difficult. However mundane it may seem some basic examples of how CIL is being used in your neighbourhood area could be really useful to other groups.

    If you are able to respond to these two queries or on other post-referendum working, I’d be very grateful.

    John Wilkinson, Neighbourhood Planning Officer

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