Why do I need to read this guide?

This guide answers the most commonly occurring questions asked by those not familiar with the planning system. It helps explain how the planning system operates, where neighbourhood planning fits in, and the neighbourhood planning process itself.

What will I learn from this guide?

  • How the planning system works.
  • The process for planning applications.
  • How neighbourhood planning fits into the wider planning system.

When should I read this guide?

You should read this guide before you start writing your neighbourhood plan.

Further reading

You may also find it useful to read the Neighbourhood Planning Roadmap.

The SEA Regulations (Environmental Assessment of Plans and Programmes Regulations, 2004) and the Habitats Regulations (Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations 2017) previously implemented the requirements of the SEA and Habitats Directives in England. These Regulations will continue to apply unless new legislation is introduced to withdraw or amend them.

Frequently asked questions by neighbourhood planners (656.9KB pdf)