As of 7 February 2020, the Government are consulting on First Homes. This is an affordable housing for sale product with a discount of at least 30% off market price and the Government may specify requirements for the % of affordable housing coming forward through Section 106 and exceptions sites that should be First Homes. This toolkit will be reviewed once the Government have firmed up the First Homes approach and updates will be made if they are found to be required. To find out more information on First Homes visit here:

Why do I need to read this guide?

National planning guidance requires plan makers to consider viability and deliverability of proposals (e.g. site allocation) in their neighbourhood plan.

This toolkit summarises what you need to know about testing the viability of proposals in your neighbourhood plan or neighbourhood development order (NDO).

What will I learn from this guide?

  • An understanding of the importance of testing viability of proposals
  • How to undertake viability assessments

When should I read this guide?

You should read this guide when first getting started and when considering whether to assess and allocate sites for development.

Further reading

Those considering issues of viability for their neighbourhood plan or neighbourhood development order might also wish to read the ‘How to assess and allocate sites for development‘ guide.

Testing the viability of proposals within your neighbourhood plan (968.5KB pdf)